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Rhino trekking experience in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Rhino trekking experience in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Uganda is a popular big five destination. The big five animals are the Buffaloes, Rhinos, Elephants, Lions and Leopards and the most sought-after wild animals on African safaris. Named the big five because of the difficulty faced by hunters to get the animals. In Uganda the big five wild animals can be seen on a single trip but not on a single destination, you have to go Rhino trekking and take a game drive to see all of the animals. In even our popular 2 days Uganda Safari to Murchison Falls National Park, you get the chance to see the big five. Buffaloes, Lions Elephants and Leopards are seen in Murchison Falls National Park and Rhinos at their only home at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was established in 2005 by a collaborative effort of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rhino Fund Uganda (a private non-profit organization) and Ziwa Ranchers Ltd (a private land management company) to re-introduce the southern white rhinoceros. The black Rhinoceros and Northern White Rhinoceros were once indigenous to Uganda but got extinct by 1982. The sanctuary started with 6 rhinos but of recent they number to 27 rhinos. With Taleo, Moja, Bella, Kori, Hassani, Nandi and their off spring.

The place that breeds rhinos for re-introduction in the wild -Ziwa rhino sanctuary is situated in Nakasongola district near Nakitoma village in the Kafu river basin of Uganda south of Murchison Falls National Park 176km (100 miles) north of Kampala. The sanctuary sits on 70sqkm(7000ha) with tight security, surrounded by 2m(6.6ft) electric fence to keep the rhinos in for sighting by tourists on Uganda wildlife safaris and keep the poachers away from the sanctuary.

The Rhino Trekking experience in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Rhino trekking starts when you enter the territory of the southern white rhinos on foot along with well trained rangers. Not like many of the Uganda tour activities that are done on game drives using 4×4 pop up roof vehicles, rhino trekking is done on foot. When you arrive the sanctuary, you need to drive to the trek point, you then are welcomed and accorded a well-trained ranger guide to take you through the bush to where the rhinos are. On reaching where they are, you have the opportunity to see these magnificent endangered creatures in this beautiful habitat. Your ranger guide is there to keep you safe during the activity.

During the Rhino trekking activity, you can get chance to see other species like the Uganda kobs, oribis, bush bucks, water bucks among others and a number of other bird species.

What you need to wear for the Rhino Trekking activity include closed shoes, long pants and insect repellent.

Recommended time for Rhino trekking

The best time of the day is between 08:00-10:00am or 4:00-6:00pm though the activity can be done all day long. The best time of the year is during the dry months of between December to February and June -July when the rains are low and the grass is not tall to make photography and viewing difficult. The recommended time for Rhino trekking is about 1and ½ hours to 2 and ½ hours.

This is one of the kid friendly Uganda safaris activity and therefore very wise to tailor it into your Murchison Falls wildlife tour in Uganda for the big five wildlife encounters. On a safari to Uganda or tour Uganda, you can also choose several other kid friendly activities like a family float or take game drives and nature walks in the several national parks. For amazing encounters, a 9 days Uganda safari is a good way to tailor your trip with family.