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security in the national parkSecurity is so important in any country which is developing the tourism sector. This is because it helps in protecting the tourists from any danger and this helps in encouraging repeat visits with in the country which later helps in increasingsafari tours to Uganda.

Security is good at attracting more visitors to come for safaris to Uganda, this is because they thick that they will be safe with in the country, on the other side, a country which is insecure can attract fewer number of visitors which affects the tourism sector.

The government of Uganda has however put in a lot of emphasis in improving the security of the country which has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for Uganda safaris; this has greatly helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

The government in order to ensure security in the national parks, it has trained many game rangers who have helped in providing security with in the place and also helping in protecting the animals from poaching, this has greatly helped in protecting the tourists hence increased number of safari tours to Uganda.

The tourism police have also been put in place to ensure enough security with in the country, this police is specifically for tourism and this has helped in providing security to the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda.

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