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mountain gorillaThe tourism sector in Uganda has been affected by many environmental challenges but however, sustainable tourism enhancement will help in overcoming such problems which are affecting the tourism sector, this will help to improve the environment and also to increase the safaris to Uganda.Sustainable tourism development will help in enhancing regional integration in Uganda and to the outside world and also to improve regional destination competitiveness among the countries of East Africa. This will help to the numbers of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda since the country will be well marketed.Sustainable tourism will help in protecting and conserving the environment which will help in maintaining the natural habitants of the animals and also the plant species which are enjoyed by the tourists who come for Uganda safaris especially those interested in nature and wildlife.Sustainable tourism helps in trying to realise the tourism potentials in the country and also it shows how these potentials can be well preserved and conserved in order to protect the environment. This will help to improve safari visits since the main challenges to tourism development will be well addressed in order to enhance competitiveness of the country to the outside world.Sustainable tourism will help in providing knowledge about the status of tourism development in Uganda. This will help the policy makers and the stakeholders of tourism to strategies towards the enhancement of the policy of sustainable tourism development in the country. This will help to promote and market the tourism sector to the outside world hence encouraging more tourists to come for safaris to Uganda.

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