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elephant on transferUganda has got a variety of wildlife especially in National parks which includes; elephants, lions, leopards, antelopes, and many others. This has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda which has helped in developing the tourism sector and at the same time increasing the revenues of the country.

Therefore, in order to encourage wild life in Thailand, Uganda has decided to ship two zebras and two bush bucks to Thailand, this will help in strengthening the relationship between Uganda and Thailand especially in developing the tourism sector of the two countries, this will also help in increasing Uganda safaris .

The tourism minister, Hon. Maria Mutagamba also said that this is a presidential gift to Thailand and that they have to take good care of the animals so that they can also attract tourists to go Thailand for safari visits, which will help in promoting the tourism sector of Thailand.

In order to increase the numbers of safari tours to Uganda, the ministry of Tourism is also supporting the issue of giving away the animals since Uganda has already benefited from the shipments and the exchange of animals , these animals include the parrots, Rhinos, elephants and many others.

The animals which are to be donated are going to first be taken to Entebbe Zoo for quarantining before they are taken to Thailand, these animals include ; a female Zebra, a male zebra, a male bushbuck, and a female bushbuck, these are to help in increasing safari tours to Uganda, and also increasing the revenues of the country.


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