The stake holders ofbaby gorilla the tourism sector in East Africa are positive over the East African Tourist visa since it will help in boosting the tourist numbers to Uganda and also other countries of East Africa. This will help in attracting more tourists to come for safaris to Uganda. This initiative is to start this January where a common East African Visa will be used by all the travellers of East African countries.

The tourists will be required to pay only $100 for the visas and hence helping the tourists to save a lot of money which they would spend on entrance to other countries of east Africa. This will also help the tour agents in the tourism sector to offer multi destination packages; this is because the tourists will be free to move between the three countries. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, hence generating high revenues.

The tourist visa is an opportunity of boosting the tourism in the region since it will help in increasing the tourist numbers, which will help in attracting more safari tours to Uganda. This will help in removing the burden from the visitors each time they cross to another country and this will help in improving the convenience of the tourists and also in marketing and promoting east African countries as tourist destinations.

This will promote free movement of both the tourists and the east African residents. This will also help in promoting domestic tourism which will also in develop and expand the tourism industry to the outside world hence increasing the number of safaris in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda .

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