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wandegeya market ugandaWandegeya market  is a new modern market that was put in place in Wandegeya town. Here there are many things to buy by the tourists while on their safaris in Uganda. This is an organized market and is so clean to ensure that tourists get a nice health. This helps travelers on Uganda safaris access their basic needs which in turn helps traders in the market earn a living hence promoting more tours in Uganda.

 The modern market has a place with organic foods, fruits and others which tourists who come to visits Uganda would like to buy. The market has clinics to ensure the good health of tourists, banking hall, chilly rooms, day care centre and so many others. Due to the good facilities given to tourists it has increased more safari visits in Uganda.

There are a lot of markets in Uganda which provide basic needs to the tourists while on their Uganda visits. These include Kalerwe market, Owino market, Nakasero market, Nakawa market and so many others. All these can be reached by the tourists who want to go shopping or learn how to bargain with the traders. This is so interesting hence promoting more safaris in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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March 24th, 2014|Safari News|
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