Uganda is known to be among the different countries that harbour the biggest number of zebras with their different species. Some of the various zebra species you can come across while on a Uganda safari tour are Plain zebras that are found in the tree grasslands and woodlands of Uganda in the East African region. Grevy zebras that are in the Arid grasslands of Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. Mountain zebras can be found in South Africa, Namibia and Angola. No matter the species of zebras, each zebra has stripes under its skin that uniquely identifies it from the rest. They act as figure prints.

Have you ever been inquisitive about a wildlife Uganda tour! Seeing the spectacular scenery during Uganda safari tours! Visit the National Parks like Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo National Park because they are the best places to find zebras.

Imagine laying down to eat food and standing up to sleep! Zebras have their way of life like that. They are black and white striped animals that are closely related to horses and donkeys because they share the same scientific classification. Unlike other animals in the animal kingdom, zebras are quite unique animals. When you get to have a safari in Uganda, you get to see how zebras always gather themselves in groups called harems and sleep while standing and in case of danger, when zebras are in a group, they alert themselves faster and can easily protect each other.

Apart from seeing the zebras, someone can get the opportunity to go for gorilla trekking in Uganda as well. Zebras do possess good eyesight, sharp sense of smell and keen hearing. They are also believed to have their visual site in colour.

If you are chanced and you have a Uganda wildlife safari, you can get to hear how Zebras usually bark but their bark sound is high pitched and small like that of a young dog. Zebras also bray. Zebras bray like donkeys and horses. They normally bray from a low sound and then it later becomes a loud sound. This sound informs you that the zebra is either angry of impatient with something.

Besides travelling to Uganda, many tourists love exploring diverse wildlife elsewhere. you can have a glamorous gorilla tracking in Congo on a Congo safari tour.

Zebras usually reproduce throughout the year. Scientifically, a male zebra which is called a stallion becomes sexually active at the age of 4years and the female zebra which is called a mare becomes sexually active at the age of 2years. However, Zebras do give birth during the rainy seasons and the birth rate is at its high peak during this season.

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Two zebras enjoying each others company. picture by Prime Uganda Safaris.

The gestation period of a zebra is 12-14 months. In this period the stallion takes care of the mare until it gives birth. After birth, the foal takes around two to three days to learn how to walk and stabilize on its own. Within these three days, the mother zebra keeps her baby out of reach from other herd members to help the foal learn her voice and also be able to differentiate her from others.

Zebras are herbivores animals. they do feed on grass, twigs, leaves, roots and stems. They do spend half of their day grazing. Zebras are highly dependent animals. they do drink a lot of water for survival.

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Above is an example of zebras feeding in the wild. picture by Prime Uganda Safaris.

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Did you know that Zebra’s sleep while standing?  – Uganda safari news.