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tree climbing lionsBiodiversity in the tourism sector is so important since it helps in increasing the conservation and preservation of the wildlife and the plant species in their habitants. This has helped in protecting the wildlife in the national parks which has enhanced the development of the tourism sector and also increasing Uganda safaris.

The biodiversity program is to help in the usage of ecotourism as an important tool in the conservation of the wildlife in their habitants, this is mainly done to support the sustained economic growth which is also important for the increasing the number of visitors who come for safaris to Uganda.

Conservation of the wildlife is so good in natural resource management which helps in proper management of the tourism resources which later helps the development of the tourism sector and also helping in increasing the safaris in Uganda.

According to Uganda Wildlife Authority, much of the conservation donations have been going to the protected areas since this will help in conserving the wildlife which is the main tourists attractions of Uganda; for example the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, the chimpanzees in the birds in all the national parks, the forests which are protected from being destroyed by the local communities, and so many wildlife species which are protected in order to promote safaris in Uganda.

There are many organisations which have come up to promote the conservation of wildlife and this has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda. These organizations include ; UWA, USAID,NFA, and all the national park managements which have come up to preserve and conserve the wildlife of Uganda hence promoting the development of the tourism sector.

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October 1st, 2013|Safari News|
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