Uganda tourism sector tarnished by online gorilla permits-Uganda safari News

gorillas in RwandaThe Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority says online is the best way of doing business and therefore decides that the gorilla permits should be got using online since tourists can receive them in parts of the world they are. This will therefore help them not to waste their money paying to the tour operators to find for them permits hence increasing more safaris in Uganda.

However the tour operators came up disagreeing with the Executive Director saying that if the tourists can receive the permits on online then the tour operators remain useless since the tourists will be booking them on online. Therefore there will be safaris to Uganda but the tour operators will not be earning money.

The UWA also supports the decision of Mr. Asiimwe because they believe they have been making losses and therefore believe when the system is done it will help increase the sales and also help the travelers get the permits easily.  This will definitely help increase the number of tours in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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