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There are many wildlife scouts who are trained in handling wild animals from the parks and also with in the park. These scouts are to help in taking care of the animals especially those which go out of the park Ugandan Wildlife Scouts to promote Tourism-Uganda Safaris & Tours updates to the nearby gardens and destroy the crops of the local people. This will help in increasing safaris to Uganda, since the animals will be well protected and they will increase in numbers.

People who are living around Murchison Falls National park are completely happy after Uganda Wildlife Authority employed these scouts to take care of animals; this is because these will help in controlling the animals from entering the gardens of the local people in order to eat their crops. This will also help in controlling the local people from encroaching to the national parks, hence increasing Uganda safaris.

These scouts will also be helping in encouraging conservation and preservation of the protected areas since, the local people have always come in to encroach the forests claiming to be looking for and firewood, the wildlife scouts will help in protecting the habitants of the animals and also helping in increasing safaris in Uganda.

In order to protect the local communities’ crops from getting damaged, Uganda Wildlife Authority has always employed and trained the scouts who are equipped with skills of animal management , this usually helps in protecting both the animals which are protected from being damaged by the local people and also the local communities which are protected from losing their crops. This has however helped in increasing safari trips to Uganda.

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