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traditional dancers in ugandaTourism in Uganda has mostly been developed from the increasing numbers of international tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. This is because the Ugandans have not been able to participate in the development of the tourism sector in Uganda. This has affected the country since it has continued to reduce the revenues which are generated from the tourism sector.

 Ugandans need to participate in the development of the of the tourism sector since this will help in the development of domestic tourism in Uganda. Domestic tourism will help in increasing the revenue which is generated from the sector and also help in increasing Uganda safaris.

The government of Uganda should however come up with initiatives which can be use to encourage the local people of Uganda to start visiting the local attractions , this will help in expanding the domestic market for tourism , and also helping in increasing safaris in Uganda. The government can put up projects which provide information about the tourist attractions which are found in Uganda.

Ugandans need to be taught on how to be environmental friendly which will in encouraging them to conserve and preserve the environment and the wildlife at the same time. When the animals and their habitants are well protected, it will increase of the number of people who come for safari visits to Uganda.

There is also need to improve the infrastructures in the tourist destinations especially the roads which lead to the national parks, the hotels and lodges in the national parks should be made cheaper, so that the local people can be able to access them at a low price. This will help the local people to participate in tourism and also help in increasing the safaris to Uganda, thus increasing revenue of the sector.

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