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visa freeThe destinations of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda are adding another triumph in the world of travel with the implementation of the long awaited innovation of expatriate Visa free travel across these countries. The initiative was put into practice in the previous month when the interstate pass began to be issued to the safari undertakers in the region including those on safaris to Uganda supplementing the passport but without stamping on the passport with entry and exit.
The traveller including one on a safari to Uganda is advised to request for this method from the immigration authorities at the immigration exit point who will issue the card that is filled and then stamped on while exiting one country and entry to the neighboring countries. This card has to be kept along with the passport until the traveller returns to the country of residence. This means that the a family of four can save as much as $200 to visit the Kenyan beaches or $120 to visit the Land of a thousand hills for gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda.
The new move is seen as appositive step to tapping into the market that has most of the time shunned travel due to the costs and formalities involved. Thus opening up the boundaries is giving the expert market an opportunity to explore the region and participate in a range of activities including gorilla safaris in Uganda, wildlife safari in Uganda among other Uganda safari encounters.
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March 10th, 2015|Safari News|
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