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uganda -lion in kidepo valleyKidepo national park which is situated in the North-eastern part of Uganda is the best park in Uganda for any Uganda safari undertaker seeking for unique wild life encounter in the whole of Africa. The park which is about 700km from Kampala is located along the borders of Uganda and Sudan as well as Kenya. The park located in remote areas in Karamoja region houses the world’s unique treasures in terms of wild life therefore visitors safaris in Uganda will enable him or her to explorer the rare wild life wealth kept in this part of the country Uganda.
Whole of African continent is worse visit by all the tourists interested in having real wilderness encounter. The well-known kidepo national park houses an estimated total number of 77 individual mammal species and around species.
Kidepo National Park is located far from other parks in Uganda and few people have taken time to take Uganda safaris and tours to Kidepo but the few who have haven been rewarded a lot and they come to appreciate that the park is the best tourism micro destination for safaris in Uganda.
A visit to Kidepo national park will expose the visitor to the parks Narus Valley which has a rolling, grassland plain has permanent water and this has acted as swimming point for various wildlife living in this wonderful park. Therefore in this particular area visitors can enjoy various activities such as game tracks which can be done through four loop circuits in order to explore the whole valley which is located in the Apoka area. The interesting wild life which can be viewed include the King of the Jungle (Lion), buffaloes, oribis as well as the Jackson’s hartebeest.
Besides having wildlife encounter visitors to Kidepo are also rewarded with the views of various bird species which can be found in the park’s place called Namamukweny. Here visitors have high chance of enjoying the views and sounds of various interesting birds and among these include the Eastern Paradise Whydah as well as the interesting White-crested Turaco, and Common Bulbul among others.The interesting bit of having wildlife encounter in Kidepo is that visitors will not be limited to only wildlife watching but due to the diversity of attraction in the park visitors can also enjoy hiking activities as well as nature walks in the Mount Morungole which is said to be standing at 2,750m above sea level. The interesting mountain slopes are occupied by the small ethic group of the IK minority people in Uganda. Therefore visit to this area means visitors can enjoy physical interface with this interesting people living in this remote part of the country Uganda.
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