Agricultural Uganda Safaris

Bukalasa Agricultural Tour in Uganda- 1 Day
bukalasa- agricultural-center-uganda This is a ShortUganda Tour to a Bukalasa Agricultural research center-the agricultural research hub of Uganda serving as a center of research about animal and crop husbandry … more >>
2 Days Agricultural Tour in Uganda
livestock- farming-in-uganda On top of Bukalasa, this Uganda tour also takes you to JESA Farm diary in Busunju which is the leading modern Diary Farm in Uganda… more >>
Agricultural Tour in Uganda 5 days
banan-growing-in-uganda The Uganda Safari features the livestock farming and crop cultivation in particular banana plantations of western Uganda…. more >>
9 Days Agricultural tour in Uganda
mpanga-tea-estate-tour-in-uganda The Uganda Safari explores Tea Estates in Fort Portal,Kasese region farming practices,Coffee tours in Kisoro, terraced farms of Kigezi Highlands,banana farming & livestock farming in Kiruhura… more >>