Chimpanzee Trekking Uganda Safari

Chimpanzee Trekking Uganda Safari tours / Chimpanzee Trekking Tours Uganda in Kibale Forest / Kyambura Gorge / Kalinzo Forest.

Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Kibale Forest NP – 2 Days
baby-chimp-kibale-uganda This Uganda safari features chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest, a scenic cycling tour in the Mpanga Tea Estates & a hike to the Fort Portal Crater field … more >>
Chimpanzee Trekking Uganda Safari-Kibale 3 days 
chimpanzee trekking in kibale This 3 Days Uganda Safari takes you track the wild chimpanzees and monkeys with a community/village walk to Bigodi Swamp for birding … more >>
Uganda Wildlife Safari – 4 Days
chimpanzee-uganda-tours A 4 Days Uganda Safari explores the wild game in Murchison Falls Park in Uganda & track Chimpanzees in Kibale Primate Capital of the world… more >>
Chimpanzee and Wildlife Safari in Uganda – 4 Days 
kibale-chimps-uganda-safari-tours This Uganda Safari Tour features Chimpanzees trekking in Kibale NP with 13 primate Species,Black and White Colobus Monkeys plus Wild Game drives… more >>
Uganda Safari Tour-Chimpanzees & Wild Life 5 days 
chimpanzee trekking tour in Uganda This is one of Luxury Flying Uganda Safaris to Kibale National Park & Semuliki Parks for exclusive chimp tracking wildlife Uganda safari tours… more >>
Primate Safari in Uganda 6 days 
primates trekking safari in Uganda 6 Days Uganda safari to Bwindi to trek Mountain Gorillas, Boat cruises & game drives in Queen Elizabeth Np, Chimps, Gorillas, cultural Village Walks and Birding in Lake Bunyonyi… more >>
Chimps Trekking & Wildlife Safari in Uganda 6 days 
Chimpanzee in kibale uganda safaris On a 6 Day flying Uganda Tour, fly to Murchison Falls and see amazing Wildlife then Semuliki for Birding & Chimp tracking as well as other Primates….more >>
Gorilla Trekking & Chimps Safari in Uganda 10 days 
Gorilla tours in Uganda This Uganda Safari is a popular highlight of Uganda tours. Trek mountain gorillas & chimpanzees, enjoy game drives in Uganda major parks, culture & History, scenery… more >>