Mountaineering Safaris in Uganda

Mountaineering safaris in Uganda. Mountain climbing, hiking Uganda safari

8 days Mountaineering Uganda safari at mt. ELgon
mt elgon - uganda
Enjoy days Mount Elgon hiking Uganda safari to one of Africa’s tallest mountains and enjoy mountain hiking experience, Our star attraction…. more >>
4 days mountaineering safari in Uganda
4 days mountain Elgon hiking safari in Uganda is a Uganda safari offering you mountain climbing safari adventure and amazing scenery of Uganda… more >>
9 days Rwenzori mountains climbing Uganda safari
Rwenzori mountains
 9 days Rwenzori mountains climbing Uganda safari 
is a Mountaineering & Sightseeing Safari in Uganda taking you hike the 3rd tallest mountain in Africa 5109 mtrs above sea level… more >>
8 days primate, wild game & scenery Uganda safari 
Experience this mountain hiking Uganda safari tour & climb to all the thrilling peaks of the Rwenzori mountain… more >>
9 days Uganda safari in Albertine Rift:
albertine rift valley
The 9 Days Uganda Safari Encounter in the Albertine rift is a remarkable package that takes … more >>
10 days Mt. Rwenzori climbing adventure Uganda safari
mt rwenzori
The 10 days Mt. Rwenzori mountains climbing adventure Uganda safari legendary mountains of the moon in the west of Uganda. .. more >>
12 days Uganda Upper Nile safari Uganda
12 days Uganda Upper Nile safari Uganda is a Uganda safari adventure is a remarkable safari package that allows you to explore the northern … more >>

13 days Uganda safari Albertine rift adventure
albertine rift valley
The 13 Days Uganda safari adventure allows you to explore the best of Uganda safari attractions… more >>

14 days wildlife Uganda safari tour:
Mount-Karisimbi in rwandaThe 14 days Uganda safari enables you experience the best of Uganda tours in fortnight….more >>
14 days Uganda Safari in Mt. Rwenzori
mt rwenzori
The 14 Days wildlife Uganda Safari is an adventure to Rwenzori Mountains & Uganda Gorilla trekking is a fortnight … more >>
15 days Uganda safari adventure in the Nile basin
Nile-river ugandaThe 15 days Uganda Safari tour in the Nile Basin offers you an opportunity to trek Gorillas in Uganda, Chimps and wildlife… more >>
16 days Rwenzori Uganda safari in the equator snow
The 16 Days Uganda Safari in the Equator Snow is one of the extensive Uganda tour packages that offers Gorillas, Chimps… more >>
16 days Uganda safari in Western uganda
Rwenzori mountainsThe 16 Days Uganda Safari tour allows one to climb Mount Rwenzori, trek chimps, Gorillas but also visit Uganda`s amazing wildlife… more >>
18 days comprehensive safari in Uganda I
rwenzori-mountainThe 18 Days Primate, Wildlife & Mountaineering Safari in Uganda features Mount Rwenzori Climbing and amazing primate trekking in Uganda… more >>
20 days grand Uganda safari tour
Mount-Karisimbi in rwanda
This Grand Uganda Safari tour is an extensive safari package that features an all-round Uganda`s safari wildlife attractions… more