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Saloon Car Rentals & Hire in Uganda Kampala

Saloon Car Rentals & Hire in Uganda Kampala

Reliable Saloon Car Rentals in Uganda Kampala or Saloon Car Hire in Kampala Uganda at Affordable Rates.

Saloon Car Rentals Uganda Kampala or Saloon Car Hire Kampala Uganda. Enjoy saloon car rentals in Uganda Kampala or saloon car hire in Kampala Uganda with a driver hire in Uganda. These saloon cars for rent in Uganda are known as Sedan in the British, Canadian, American, New Zealand, and Australian English, and Prime Uganda Safaris offers them as part of their car rentals in Uganda.

These Saloon Cars feature three-box configurations where one is dedicated for the driver, the second for the passenger, and the third for Cargo. The front features a single seat beside the driver, while the middle compartment features two seats that can accommodate two adult passengers. The cargo compartment is normally at the back and is big enough to carry two medium-sized suite cases. The engine is always at the forefront of the vehicle.

Hiring a saloon car in Uganda with Prime Uganda Safaris offers you an opportunity to your destinations while spending less. In other words, the saloon car offers budget travel since their prices are reduced compared to other vehicle types.

The Saloon cars are suitable for simple drives with in Kampala and the areas around the city within the

100 km radius. It may not be all that suitable for long distance drives and driving in remote areas of Uganda where roads are rather challenging.

The prices for the saloon car hire in Uganda range from 40 -60  USD per day inclusive of the driver but less of fuel.
Our car hire arrangement is not based on Mileage but the vehicle is supposed travel to places initially agreed upon in the booking process in Uganda and neighboring countries

The prices for the saloon car self drive hire in Uganda range from 50 -70  USD per day exclusive of of fuel but negotiations can be made depending on your destination, nature of activity and the total number of  days for the hire.

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