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Saving the Gorillas in Uganda- Uganda Safaris & Tours

Gorillas in UgandaGorilla safaris in Uganda are bound to improve if the endangered mountain gorillas are well persevered and conserved by the management. This is because they are closely related to humans, mountain gorillas share many of the behavioural traits we possess, including hugging, playing, laughing, and throwing whatever is nearby when mad. Gorillas live in tight-knit, nomadic groups of about 10 animals, led and protected by a dominant male known as a “silverback.” These herbivores roam the forest in search of stems, leaves, and shoots. They eat more than 100 different types of plants and consume up to 40 pounds of plant matter a day, so their survival depends on the protection of the habitats where they live.

Female gorillas give birth only every three to five years, a relatively low birth rate that is a contributing factor to the small populations of this species. In a 30- to 40-year lifetime, a female mountain gorilla might have just three to eight offspring.

Mountain gorillas stand out from the three other gorilla subspecies because of their thick coats, which insulates them from the cold of their cloud forest homes. There are only two places on Earth where mountain gorillas exist: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Virunga Volcanoes in the equatorial African nations of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. WCS and its partners have censused the total population of this endangered subspecies of ape and found about 700 individuals.

Gorilla expeditions in Uganda have been on a high demand due to the desire by most visitors to have an experience with the endangered mountain gorillas. This has helped in improving Uganda safaris and tour adventures.

Gorillas have been preserved by limiting the numbers of people who visit them on a daily basis, a minimum of 8 people are allowed to trek gorillas on a daily basis in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This has helped on preventing close contact of the people with the Gorillas.

However the gorilla safaris in Uganda have greatly contributed on the development of the country hence leading to the successful of the tourism sector.

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