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Positioned in the south west of Uganda in the district of Kisoro, the lava dammed Lake Mutanda is an iconic scenic feature that you will never wish to miss while undertaking a safari tour in Uganda. Located at 20km transfer in the north of the town of Kisoro, Lake Mutanda is geographically along 01 14 06S, 29 40 12E coordinates.

The lake is an outcome of the immense volcanic forces that characterized the area centuries ago. The formation of Volcanic highlands that form the greater Virunga massif with three of them close to it including Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo resulted into the eruptions that saw liquid lava flow across the adjacent plains blocking the flowing streams leading to formation of Lava dammed lakes including Lake Mutanda which can be encountered while on Uganda safari.

It is a great scenic spot with unique pattern that will give you a perfect break on your Uganda gorilla trekking safari in the adjacent impenetrable forest of Bwindi and the volcanic protected are of Mgahinga National Park. The overnight stay at the adjacent lodges like Chameleon Hill, Lake Mutanda Resort and Mucha will never be boring as the Lake provides a perfect escape or a rewarding sight and soothing air from the gardens.

The Lake also has counts of birds such as the kites, grey crowned crane and kingfisher along with fauna such as snakes, Chameleon, monitor lizards and frogs. It also forms a rich ground for activities to include on the list while planning your safari holiday to Uganda like fishing, hiking, mountain biking, scenic viewing and canoe riding.

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