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The Murchison falls (Kabalega falls)

The magnificent Murchison falls, initially referred to as Kabalega falls is perched in northwestern part of Uganda right in the middle of the stunning Murchison falls national park; this scenic waterfall is Uganda’s unique wonder and the greatest on the Nile River that has drawn thousands of visitors. Murchison falls is arguably the most powerful waterfall in the world with its therapeutic beautiful sound of waters roaring, and crashing on the rocks below the cold ice mist that captures attention of every traveller to come for adventure tour in Uganda.  

The beauty of this amazing waterfall is the snow white and superb dark cliff walled river that gives visitors a long lasting experience with a chance to relax due to its graceful and typically conducive atmosphere. It was named in memory of the Royal Geographical Society’s president Sir Roderick Murchison by the ancient explorer and Big game hunter Sir Samuel Baker during his quest for the source of the mighty Nile River. The best way to view this water fall during a Uganda Safari is by taking on a boat cruise from Paraa jetty that brings you across basks of Nile crocodiles and herds of hippos, and other amazing mammals including endless herds of elephants, buffaloes and beautiful birds that flock banks of the river to find water during sunny afternoons.

An adventure hike to the top of the falls right after the boat cruise rewards visitors with panoramic views of a permanent rainbow formed in between the rocks due to immense pressure exerted by water on the rocks to force its way through.

Honestly, Murchison falls is one unique point of reference that naturally exists and an authentic gem not anyone would want to miss during their adventure safari in Uganda.

Ssezibwa falls

When talking about the unique waterfalls in Uganda, Sezibwa has to be added on the list due to its magnificence and the gorgeous oasis for lover’s nature and people who prefer very calm and cosy environment.

The prepossessing and sacred Ssezibwa falls are just 45 minutes’ drive away from Kampala-Uganda’s capital, along Jinja highway after Mukono town. A sequence of 7 falls produces smoky water gushes in the rocks with calm, creating a soothing atmosphere and an experience to behold.

Visitors on a Uganda tour to Sezibwa falls can engage in series of activities such as bird watching tours, camping and culture and heritage experience.

Sipi falls

Situated 270 Kms north east of Kampala city, the Sipi falls is truly a pearl to marvel at which fascinates many guests who come to tour Uganda. It’s a series of 3 great waterfalls, found in Kapchorwa on a boarder with Mbale and Sironko. These falls are naturally significant in the Sipi area as they create a permanent drainage system in the area.

Hiking within the falls offers stunning views of Karamoja panoramic savannah plains; the water rolls gently down the cliffs standing at a height of about 70 meters off the slopes of Mountain Elgon and reverberates with a thunderous sound, showering the adjacent environment. Our 1 day trip to Sipi Falls offers an unforgettable excursion to one of the Uganda’s beauty sites.

Besides these prominent waterfalls, other waters falls of Uganda include; Kisizi falls in Kigezi region, Kalagala and Itanda falls on River Nile in Jinja.


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