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Security Created to Fight Terrorism Threats-Uganda safari News



The tourism sector is the major foreign exchange earner in Uganda since there are many increased tours in Uganda. The many safaris in Uganda have generated more revenues in Uganda which has been used to improve the infrastructures of Uganda like roads, hotels, lodges, hospitals and so many others. These have provided favorable facilities hence promoting more Uganda safaris.

However the terrorists have continued becoming a threat to tourists who come to safari Uganda. The tour operators, Uganda tourism board and the Government are therefore working together so as to fight this problem so as to have the best safaris in Uganda. This has promoted more tours in Uganda hence developing the tourism sector as developing Uganda as well.

There are strict laws set to fight the problems affecting the tourism sector so as to promote more tour visits in Uganda. The problem of poaching has been solved so as to increase the number of wildlife animals, the problems of poor infrastructure has also been solved. This has therefore made tourism in Uganda so interesting hence increasing more safari visits in Uganda.

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