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Semliki National Park- Uganda tours New

bird-semlikiSemliki National Park lies in the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and it’s situated in the south-western corner of Uganda in the districts of Bundibugyo. The park is estimated to be covering an area of 220 square kilometers making it one of Uganda’s smallest parks but it is one of the richest areas of floral and faunal variety in the continent of Africa, with its species of birds being especially unique species. The Park is the only unique place in the pearl of Africa-Uganda where the green Ituri Rain-Forest enters from Congo, and therefore a visit to Uganda through the Uganda Safaris and Tours, visitors are offered opportunities to have a taste of unique Central African flora and fauna, birds and culture.
The Park is also strategically located to the borders of the Lamia and Semiliki rivers and these rivers are sustaining the survival of different wildlife because they act as watering places for the wildlife in the park. Therefore booking your Uganda safari to Semiliki National Park will enable you to have an encounter with the different ecosystem found within the larger Albertine Rift valley. The park’s strategic location at the junction of various ecological zones and climates also makes the park to have a high variety of unique animal and plant species as well as some microhabitats.
Semiliki Valley acts as home to one of Africa’s traditional forests that have for long lived and predominantly occupied by the medium altitude evergreen forest trees. Hence taking tour to this gifted park will enable the tourists to enjoy the cool nice breath coming from the green forest and what is more interesting visitors can identify different tree species, also be entertained by good melodies or sounds of the Africa birds that are living in the green forests.
Semiliki is not an ordinary destination because ones visit to the park enables one to experience one of the African healing magic water in the two hot springs found in a hot mineral encrusted swamp. Mumbuga spring also called the female spring is mainly occupied by boiling like ageyser by forming a 0.5 m high fountain, the second spring also called male spring looks like a broad steaming pool which is about ten meters long and can be accessed by trail which takes visits thirty minutes. In order to have memorable experience, come along with an egg or three so that you can practically boil it in any of the spring outlets. The two hot springs also attract a large number of shorebirds and they are a source of salt for many animals.
Game viewing is best done in the areas next to Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve. When tourists are on nature walks and game drives, they have many opportunities of watching the diverse large numbers of mammals’ species including carnivore’s animals i.e. members of the cat family such as lion also called the king of the jungle, hyenas, antelope, and the human like brother in the primate class the Chimpanzees. Bird life can also be watched mainly in the Lake Albert shores.
For visitors interested in widening their experience and knowledge of local Ugandan traditional customs, norms, valves, lifestyle, the only chance left is to confirm your safari with Prime Uganda safaris and tours because they can arrange visit to the local communities, including visits to the interesting tribe of the Batwa who live in their Pygmy village. Ugandan ancient art and craft making can be seen and locally produced craft items can be purchased from the park tourist office or the gift shop at the Lodge.
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