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Semuliki national park in Uganda – Uganda Safaris News

Sempaya hot springs semlikiSemuliki national park lies in the county of Bwamba which is one of the remote parts of the Bundibugyo District in western Uganda. The wonderful park which is the dream of each and every traveler on Uganda Safaris was established as a national park in month of October 1993. The protected area covers an estimated area size of 220km² with an altitude of 670-760m above sea level.
Uganda’s newest national park semuliki is the only protected area in Uganda covering 194 km2 of East Africa’s only lowland tropical rainforest .Semuliki national park is considered to be among the richest protected areas with the highest varied flora and fauna diversity in the continent of Africa, this implies travelers seeking for magnificent wilderness encounters in Africa should book safaris to Uganda which is the pearl of Africa. The Uganda’s endowed semuliki national park will offer the best wilderness encounter travelers cannot get from any other African protected area.
The park is perfectly situated at the border between Uganda and Congo .The Park is at the junction of various ecological zones and climatic types and this has favored the survival of different plant life and animal species as well as many micro habitats. The uniqueness and rareness of the plant life and animal life in the park is that the plant life and animal species in the protected semuliki area are only seen in the neighboring Congo Basin forests and this means tourists on Uganda safaris have the opportunity to enjoy the views and sights of different flora and fauna found in the Congo basin without traveling to Congo but basing in Uganda’s semuliki national park.
The park has an estimated total of over 60 mammal species which are very stunning and most of these species is the reason as to why tourists are yearning to take Safaris to Uganda .The impressing mammal species include the forest leopards, elephants, buffalos as well as hippos, bush babies and water chevrons among others. The park is proud of eight primate species which are unique and very attractive to the eyes of travelers.
The famous semuliki national park is home of the most popular Sempaya Hot Springs. The prominent hot springs are divided into two male and female the “male” spring, The trails leading to Bintente male spring goes through forested inhabited by the red –tailed monkeys white and black monkeys, as well as the grey-cheeked mangabeys and this makes the trial very rewarding to the tourists spending their safaris in Uganda. The female springs is full of impressing features and this includes the hot boiling geysers which one can even utilize to boil eggs, matooke with in shortest time possible.
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