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Semuliki National Park as a Uganda safari destination


Semuliki National Park is the smallest and newest Uganda safari destination. In Bwamba county, a small region found in Bundibujyo district in the western part of Uganda is where the National Park is found. It borders the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Semuliki National Park happens to be recognized in the month of October 1993 as a Uganda safari and tourism destination. Semuliki National Park lies on a gently flat landscape of about 670-760m above sea level.

Attractions you will marvel at…


The Park is one of those places in Uganda that covers over 40% of all the birds in Uganda. As a tourist attraction, Uganda is gifted to have a variety of bird species. Some of the birds are Yellow-throated Nicator, Red-rumped tinker bird, Dwarf Hornbill the Shoebill stork among many others.


A Uganda safari tour exposes you to the home of over 53 mammals in Semuliki National Park. On a travel mission, you can see bush babies, elephants, hippos, leopards among others. But we also have primates that share 95% DNA with humans those are monkeys, chimpanzees, and baboons.

Besides the wildlife, there are many other fascinating safari places you can be able to visit such as Congo where you can always go for Congo gorilla safari tours. You get a good sight of the silverback gorillas and how they always dominate in their social structure families. On this tour, you can also go for a hike as a Congo safari activity. It is quite an astonishing venture that will never leave you the same.

Sempaya hot springs

Semuliki National Park is privileged to have one of the most famous attractions known as the Sempaya hot springs. Bitente which is the male spring is 12m long where as the female spring called the Nyasimbi which means female ancestors. On a safari to Uganda, you can see this spring boiling at 1030 c sprouting bubbling water steaming up to 2m high.

It is amusing that this spring is used to boil and prepare food. Imagine an egg that boils in less than 10minutes and it is ready to eat! It is exciting.


Uganda safaris
The beautiful fascinating Sempaya hot spring. picture by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Semuliki river

The Semuliki river is a 160km river that flows from Rwenzori mountain to lake Albert and the Nile. Semuliki river is characterized of being a forest fringed habitat for animals like the enormous hippos and crocodiles. Tourists always come to Uganda to enjoy the spectacular view of the river meandering across the rift valley floor. These points also have a rich bird bank.

Activities at the Park

Birding activities: because of the great number of beautiful bird species in Semuliki National Park, birding is one of the great activities you can enjoy doing. A bird like the shoebill stork, is found in swampy areas and its a very interesting bird to watch.

Game drives in Semuliki National Park: through the park, you enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the wildlife. The mighty lions having playful moments, elephants feeding and buffalo’s in their big herds.

Hiking activities: hiking is also an interesting venture that can be done. Trekking in such for baboons and chimpanzees, glancing at the beautiful butterflies in free air. Our list could be endless, and this is not all. But mentioned is a few among the many activities that can be done at Semuliki National Park.

Semuliki National Park is one of the alluring mother nature you will love to interact with. Above is just a tip of an iceberg about Semuliki. If you are interested, engage in a Uganda safari tours and you will enjoy to the bream.

Article by  Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Semuliki National Park as a Uganda safari destination –Uganda safari news.



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