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Shopping moments in owino market Uganda

Owino market UgandaStanding as the second largest market in Africa for second hand clothes, the Owino Market which also doubles as a popular Uganda safari destination is located in the down town of the Capital Kampala presenting a variety of items to accommodate the varying interests of the buyers.
The sights and sounds of the energetic and enthusiastic sales men and women spread all over the market from the entrance positioning themselves to presume that they know what you have come for are rewarding. Everyone will be interested in winning your attention towards his / her display and a little pulls may not be missed intended to stop you from bypassing their items without buying. This should not worry you or appear strange when you go touring or shopping on your safaris in Uganda.
Appearing with a range of entrances which also are the exit points from the market, you are mesmerized by the counts of people that flock in  this market most especially over the weekend to have their shopping desires settled. Surprisingly, despite the many entrances, once you are in the interior it might be challenging to trace your way out especially of it is your first time.
The Owino market is a wholesome collection of all the necessities ranging from clothes and shoes to food stuffs, bags, jewelry among others that definitely impresses your eye by the time you enter this expanse shopping world. They appear in different sizes, colors and fabric thus pulling all categories of people that line up in the small paths that have been left for them to pass through and at the same time view the displayed items. Simple pushes to create the way through may not be avoided but with no confrontations. This makes Owino an impressive market that is worth exploring while on Uganda safaris.
The items like stationary, art and craft, radios, fruits would be found in any other place but what makes Owino Market unique and a darling to many in Kampala and beyond is its famous Second hand clothes. Locally referred to as Muvuumba, the concentration of second hand clothes have earned the Owino the position of being the second largest in Africa in the very item. It has been amazing to many to identify the local brands of their home countries and the jackets, shirts and trousers that they had thrown away! It is a recycling mode of its own. Low income and even the average Ugandans and people from the neighboring countries flock the market to gather as much as they can at the least price possible. Re-known labels including the Armani, the Gucci, Adidas, and the Calvin Klein among others are always secured at a good price. Travelers on Uganda tour have always secured some items from the market too.
Exploring the Owino market as part of the tour in Uganda allows one to gain the impression of the typical shopping lifestyle of the local Ugandans who are at the same time the majority. Therefore, endeavor to spare some time and dig into the unknown adventure.

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