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SHS200 million sought to expand the enclosure of big cats at Uganda wildlife education center

wild life education centreThe Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) one of the popular Uganda safari sites is looking out for a sum of Shs200m to undertake the construction of a spacious center for big cats at its premises in Entebbe on the shores of Lake Victoria before the end of this year.
The Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Education Center Mr. Musinguzi James notes that the current space for the big cats is comparatively small for them to breed and increase and yet the UWEC is mandated to undertake the conservation and utilize the center for wildlife education and Uganda tours.
Considering the trend in the big cats population which is down ward sloping, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center is undertaking the species breeding programme with a possibility of re-introducing them to the wild in the subsequent time to come along with utilizing them to educate Ugandans about the continuity and peaceful existence with wild game and appreciating the benefits of tourism development including revenue generation from the travelers on safaris in Uganda that come to explore such wildlife.
The 200 million Uganda Shillings that are being sought will be put to construction of a secure and a spacious place for the big cats and this will in turn present an opportunity to over 300,000/= that cannot manage to visit the game parks.
The population of big cats especially lions is declining and Uganda is not an exception. The habitat loss, reduction of prey and the human wildlife conflict which results into poisoning of lions are the likely causes of this trend. Therefore, the need to devise the avenues through which the remaining population can be conserved is very vital. The lions are part of the Big five and form a big part in attracting the world travelers to take Uganda safaris.
The tourist surveys have always indicated that 50% may not tour the national Parks if there are no possibilities of exploring lions and they visit, they would wish to pay less for the encounter which in turn puts UWEC at the center of providing a one stop shop with guarantee to view such game and at a low cost.
The Uganda Wildlife Education Center in a bid to raise the money has set the 6th December 2015 to conduct a race for 5km commencing from the Mayors Garden and finish at the UWEC beach where contributions are projected to be made. The center is partnering with a range of media houses, Events 256 and the corporate individuals to organize a remarkable color run.

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