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Sir Samuel Baker’s perception of Uganda

Sir Samuel Baker’s great grandson David Baker observed that Uganda has a diversity of tribes, water bodies, landscapes not found anywhere in the world available for travelers who safari Uganda on several Uganda tours.

Sir Samuel` Baker`s grandson intimated that it was amazing to stand at the exact spot where his great grandfather stood with his wife Florence to see and name Lake Albert 150 years ago.

He further thanked RGS, and the modern GPS and Google map enabling him to stand at the exact spot where a refugee camp exists today.

Quoting from the griping account of his grand farther -Sir Samuel Baker’s exploration, in which he described the people`s lifestyle and dressing codes found Uganda in the 19th Century. He ascertained that the reception ne got was warm as many foreigners who come on Uganda safaris always witness.

He affirmed that he natives greeted him by raising his hand up above his head and as a gesture of acceptance by the tribe. Comparing his experiences, Baker considered himself and his daughter Melanie very lucky to have met Ugandans who are citizens of today’s global world.

He observed that Ugandans joke, tweet, wear Jeans, dine posh, speak English and drink Coca cola.

Uganda has hotels such as Para Sarova a ten star hotel according to him. Like many people who visit or tour Uganda for the first time, Baker wondered where else in the world can one see the big five, birds and live dances as well as the great River Nile as he did in in just a day.

Barker divulged that the thunderous drums are still ringing fresh in his ears as well as the choreographed footwork of Bwola dancer’s that is still engraved on his mind.

According to him they can fill a theater with spectators to capacity in Central London.

Melanie, Sir Samuel Baker`s Great granddaughter who lives in Canada was left speechless as she could not wait to publish her experience in Africa to make it known the world and those who wish to have a Uganda safari or a safari to Africa.

After her safari in Uganda or tour in Uganda, Melanie disclosed that getting to know that there is a school in Uganda, named after her great grand farther makes her proud of her roots.

Her safari to Uganda awakened her to discover that not what they all usually take for granted in the developed world such as education and basic health care is available to all in the world taking Uganda as her example.

Julian Fisher, the leader of the National Geographic expedition said that credit goes to Uganda Wildlife Authority, Para Safari Lodge plus National Geographic

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