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Special things to carry for gorilla tracking-Uganda safari News

gorilla trekkingGorilla tracking is an attracting experience in Uganda and therefore has increased the number of safaris in Uganda as tourists come to track these interesting animals. They are found in the Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks of Uganda therefore making Uganda a tourist destination.

While on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda tourists need porters who will direct you on the different parts of the park and tell different groups of the gorillas. These will help you find your gorilla trekking experience the best. The porters may not be needed but you can hire them just to support their standards of living and also develop the economy.

Tourists need a walking stick which is always wooden and long. This can be provided at the park while your gorilla trekking activity is starting however you can still come with it if you need to. This will help you walk well especially in the period where it has rained and the area is slippery.

Tourists also need the plastic bags where they can keep their properties especially in the times when it rains when you are tracking gorillas. This helps to guard things like the cameras which get spoilt by rain.

 While on Uganda safaris tourists need the insects prays which they can spray on their bodies to avoid any kind of insects which may try to attack your health body especially the flies which are common in Uganda.

Since gorilla trekking takes a long time tourists need to have bottles of water to quench the thirst. This water is provided by the company if you use Prime safaris. Tourists also go with packed food which is provided by the lodge where you spend your night.

You will carry cotton gloves to keep you safe from scratches of the plants. Your Uganda gorilla safari will also require a hat to save you from sunshine, hiking boots to pass through the slippery areas especially when it has rained. You will need the sun glasses and the rain jacket as well. If you carry all that you will enjoy the best gorilla tracking safari in Uganda.

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