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Spend a Day with Chimps in Uganda -Uganda Safaris & Tours

Chimps in UgandaChimpanzees have greatly contributed to the attraction of many visitors who come for Chimpanzee safaris to Uganda. Experience the life of the master Chimpanzees with this review. ‘’Have you ever heard of CHEX, let me introduce you: Chex is the funky way to refer to the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience, a new treat where one can be with chimpanzees in the forest, all day long. The expedition takes place in Kibale National Park, the world’s most popular primate tourism destination’’

Visitors can spend the whole day with the 1,500 chimpanzees and 12 different types of primates there. The Chex package involves seeing chimpanzees that are in the process of being familiarised with the presence of humans.

The habituation process takes up to two years. According to sources from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), as tourism switches attractions, one can now be part of that process for one memorable day in the forest. Chance of seeing chimpanzees in the recent past, stood at 20%, but it has shot to 90% thanks to the habituation process.

An early breakfast and packed lunch should set you off for the tracking that begins before dawn breaks in the forest. A guide takes the tourists on the walks and can even show you where a chimpanzee built a nest the night before. Guides identify the chimpanzee community to be visited for the rest of the day.

If you have a camera, you will be advised to keep the flash off when shooting. The treat is a captivating experience. Prepare though for the rough and tough as you have to stalk them fast enough to keep them in sight. Chimps live in groups of 10 to 100 members. They babysit each other’s young, kiss, groom one another and even hold hands. The young chimps become independent at the age of four.

Nonetheless, they can be aggressive and unsociable, if disturbed. Although they spend some time on the ground, they normally feed and do make their sleeping nests up in the trees. Their diet comprises of leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. Every one of them has a physical identity. They too have scars acquired from their battles fought in life.

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