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Sport Games Played in Uganda-Uganda safari News

gameUganda has many tourist attractions which attract more safaris in Uganda. These also include the different interesting games that Ugandans enjoy during their leisure like foot ball, basket ball, Boxing, Athlete and so many others. As tourists come to tour Uganda they always watch these amazing activities hence making their Uganda visits marvelous.

kick Boxing has been considered among the most common activities enjoyed by tourists on their tours in Uganda. These are participated by the famous Moses Golola who made kick boxing interesting and others also started participating like Tugume, Mugula Ronald and others. These always organize boxing activities that tourists can join and enjoy with Ugandans while on their Uganda safaris.

Athlete is another interesting sport game also enjoyed in Uganda hence promoting more visits in Uganda. This is participated in by  Dorcus Inzikuru , Moses Kipsiro, and Stephen Kiprotich. These run meters in different countries and have won several medals on behalf of Uganda hence developing the country.

Foot ball is the most common Uganda’s sport game. This is liked by many Ugandans and therefore tourists also copy the culture as they come for Uganda tours. Uganda has a football team commonly registered as the Uganda Cranes. This team has tried playing with several teams including participations in the African Cup of Nations. However our team has never been qualified in the finals but still Ugandans like the team. In Uganda people have formed football teams around their villages, schools and this has been entertaining the tourists who come to visit Uganda.

Basket ball, Volley ball and Net ball are also other games played by the Ugandans. These games are interesting although not commonly played by the Ugandans. Some high school students try practicing the games. These all together are the games enjoyed by travelers on their Uganda tours hence attracting more Uganda safaris and therefore boosting the tourism sector.

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