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rwanda safarisThe authorities of the famous Huye district that is always encountered on Rwanda safaris embarked on the campaign that is aimed at encouraging residents of Rwanda to visit the cultural and historical sites through sports. The move that will see the citizens getting to know a range of these attractions that are also encountered on safaris in Rwanda and also helping them to exercise and stay healthy and fit is a new trend that has emerged in Rwanda’s travel industry.
This initiative which was launched through a mass public sport that incorporated counts of residents and officials in the area where they walked over two hours in the Huye town outskirts up to the top of Huye Mountain. This mountain is one of the impressive terrain features that adjoin to form the Ibisi bya Huye which is series of hills that stand at 2,400 meters of elevation positioned between the districts of Huye, Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe offering rewarding scenic views to travellers on Rwanda safari tours.
The Huye Mountains are noted to be the legendary home stead of Nyagakecuru who was a notorious woman that governed the area around Butare stretching south to Burundi and was feared by other kings. It is noted that the other kings used to attack her in the bid to take over her Kingdom but she could repel them. Nyagakecheru lived on top of Huye Mountains around 18th Century and was under the protection of snakes that hid in the adjacent bushes which forced her royal emissaries to offer her goats that would consume all the bush leaves and expose the snakes thus allowing the invaders successfully take over Nyagakecuru.
This rich history is what the authorities of Rwanda wan the natives to appreciate by encouraging them to make the visit to the mountain traversing beautiful environment and great scenic sights while at the same time exercising. The Mountain top has attractions like Nyagakecuru home stead and the springs of Nyagakecuru where her cows drunk from which is very amazing to encounter while on safari in Rwanda. Developing these heritage sites through sports is a two way beneficiary move as the locals will enhance their fitness and health while at the same time maximizing their experience. The talents of individuals will be enhanced and the Rwanda flag will eventually rise to the International scene. If this initiative is well developed, it can even increase the number of travellers that plan safari holidays to Rwanda.

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