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Spot fishing to promote tourism in Uganda – Uganda safaris & Tours

Spot fishing in ugandaSpot fishing is a tourism activity which has not been participated in by many tourists in Uganda; however it has attracted many safaris to Uganda mostly by the tourists who are interested in water bodies. This activity can carried out in Lakes where the fish usually live and also in rivers, ponds and many other places where water is found.In Uganda, spot fishing can be carried out in Lake Mburo which contains approximately 6 fish species, and Tilapia is considered to be the most common one. The fishing spot is located at Mazinga and here the visitors who have come for fishing safaris are advised to carry their own nests and other equipments and they also get the fishing permits from UWA.More so, the banks of the Nile River which is below Murchison falls also provides some good spots for fishing, these are mostly Nile Perch  and they are liked by the visitors who come for Uganda safaris specifically for fishing. This spot provides a chance to commonly land on a massive catch.Fishing in Uganda is commonly headed by UWA which is responsible at giving out permits to those interested in fishing activities, permits are always given to the tourists who come for fishing safaris to Uganda so as to be able to participate in the activity in the designated water bodies.Fishing safaris can also be done above the highest three waterfalls of Sipi which is outside the park, this place provides exciting challenges while trying to fish since the battling with rainbow in order to catch fish is extremely interesting to the visitors. Always carry our own equipments in order to enjoy the activity.There are over 354 species of fish that have been recorded in Uganda’s water bodies, these include; lung fish, Rastrinabola, Protopterus, Nile perch, cat fish , Tilapia and many others which are enjoyed by the tourists during their safaris.

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