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Support for mountain gorillas in Uganda-Uganda safari news

Mgorilla of ugandaountain gorillas are endangered animals and they need complete care since they can easily be attacked by human diseases. Mountain gorillas need support in many ways and these include  getting food, protecting their habitants, protecting their young ones and many more which have helped in increasing their numbers hence attracting more gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

 By supporting the mountain gorillas, it will help in attracting more tourists to the gorilla habitants ,which will help in increasing the number of tourists who visit Uganda and also earning much revenue from the gorilla tracking tours which are carried out in the country.

Supporting the gorilla programmes, will help in securing the future of mountain gorillas and also improving the well being of all the people of Uganda who have benefited from the increasing revenues of the activity. Preservation and conservation are the main practices which can help in supporting the mountain gorillas and also can help in increasing their numbers hence increased gorilla safaris.

The local communities are the basic supporters of the mountain gorillas since they commonly engage with them. The Uganda Wildlife Authority needs to empower the communities in order to monitor, protect and also benefit from maintaining the healthy population of the mountain gorillas. This will however help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

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