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Taekwondo gorilla ceremony in Rwanda-Rwanda safari news

Taekwondmountain gorilla rwandao gorilla ceremony is scheduled to take place on 10 January this year.it will take place at Amahoro indoor stadium and many visitors are expected to come for safaris to Rwanda. This tournament is expected to attract many athletes from different countries and these include; Gabon, Ethiopia, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and many more.

The preparations are going on and there is an expectation of hosting much bigger tournament than for last year. These completions always attract high numbers of people to Rwanda who also engage in other tourist activities and this has helped in raising high revenues to the country. This has also helped in increasing the number of safaris to Rwanda.

The winners of this ceremony will walk away with trophies and this will also help in attracting more people to come and participate in the game. This is because, they will be attracted with the beauty which is found in Rwanda, and this involves the culture, the mountain gorillas, the vegetation, many national parks and others. These have continuously attracted many people to come for safari tours to Rwanda.

 There are many other functions which have attracted more people to travel to Rwanda; one of these is the naming ceremony which is mostly liked by many people. This ceremony has continuously attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda, hence increasing the revenues of the tourism sector at the same time developing the country.

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