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18 05, 2015

How Mountain Gorillas grow up-Uganda Safari News

May 18th, 2015|Blog|

Mountain gorillas are charming apes considered to be critical endangered world species which if not protected and conserved, they can totally suffer extinction. It’s approximated that 880 gorillas are living in the wild and half of the total gorilla population [...]

15 05, 2015

Chimpanzees Facts in Uganda –Uganda Safari News

May 15th, 2015|Blog|

Chimpanzees are human beings closest brothers thriving in forest Jungles. They share more than 98 percent of their genetics with human beings. Chimps and Humans are anticipated to have shared one ancestor who lived some four or eight million years [...]

14 05, 2015

Primate trekking in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

May 14th, 2015|Blog|

Before you think of primate trekking safari to Uganda, first meditate the experience of sitting in the jungle of forest amidst interesting Primate Species. Uganda gifted by nature is fully endowed with unique primate species and these range from World [...]

5 05, 2015

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Uganda Safari News

May 5th, 2015|Blog|

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park dubbed the safe haven for mountain gorillas in Uganda is located in southwestern part of Uganda. The park is safe place where travelers on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris enjoy their activities of trekking the mountain gorillas [...]

5 05, 2015

Nature walks in bwindi – uganda safaris News

May 5th, 2015|Blog|

For tourists who are on Uganda gorilla safaris to Bwindi for 2 - 3 days, Bwindi Impenetrable national park has six fanciful nature hiking trails. On all these 6 trails, you have unique opportunity to explore Bwindi Impenetrable forest park [...]