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Take something home with you to remind you about a memorable safari in Uganda – Uganda safari news

craft-ugandaIt is the usual thing for people to find something in a place away from home to buy; something that will remind them of that particular placed visited. These objects have for a long time attained names like Memento, Knickknack, and the more popular name, Souvenir. But a lot of times it is quite tricky when deciding on where to buy your souvenirs (I mean genuine souvenirs).
With the presence of the African art and crafts shops in the heart of Uganda’s Capital, Kampala, it is no longer a tussle to find a pile of very cool and authentic pieces of art from which to pick a perfect souvenir, or many a time perfect souvenirs which will remind you of an incredible Safari holiday that you spent in Uganda.
You might have seen some attractive African bangles, earrings or necklaces sold by business people back home, but because of their expensiveness you were sent away. Well this is your opportunity to buy them at a more affordable price, saving some dollars to purchase a second piece, and a buy a bracelet to take home to your daughter or a colorfully decorated shirt for your grandma after your Uganda Safari.
The most comprehensive crafts shops include the Exposure Africa crafts village along Buganda road; where the seWA (Seguku Women’s Association) gather to sell their crafts; and another crafts village at the National Theater. These shops have artifacts done by local artists and some other works of art done by skillful artists from other parts of the East African region. These include drawings and paintings, weavings, wood carvings including some done in the shape of the amazing mountain gorillas; regalia like shields and spears, African instruments, African furniture and not forgetting jewelry.
With the correct crafts, your sweet memories will be safely guarded, you will be able to understand Ugandan culture more and it will also be easier to explain to the people back home about your experiences in Uganda; a burning story that you will want to tell the moment you step off the plane.The beauty in buying these African crafts is in the light that is created at both ends of the bargain. You will go home very proud about what you will have bought and at the same time you will have brightened someone’s day; you will have lifted someone out of poverty. I cannot imagine the greatness of satisfaction that you will travel back home with after your safari to the pearl of Africa. Welcome to Uganda!

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