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Taxi Transport use in Uganda-Uganda safari News

The taxi trtaxi- transportation in ugandaansportation is the major transport used in Uganda. It is like a minibus and always has a post of the word taxi at its top. These transport tourists on Uganda safaris travel well. It is licensed to carry fourteen passengers plus the driver and conductor making it sixteen people. However these conductors at times take more than fourteen as it must be.

Taxis are always cheap and therefore tourists use them while on Uganda safari visits. However conductors sometimes increase the price especially during the rainy season but tourists still use them because it cannot rain on them when they are inside which makes them comfortable and happy while on their safaris to Uganda.

To get them you just stand at the stage and then wave your hand for them to stop you will get in and then if you want to get out you will say ‘ ku stage’ where a boda boda which is also another transport facility in Uganda will drop you to your final destination while on your Uganda safari.

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