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Terrorist activities to reduced in Uganda-Uganda safari News

uganda policeTerrorism activities are one of the bad acts that have reduced safaris in Uganda therefore need to be reduced so as to have the best country for safari visits. These acts are practiced by people from other countries  which is so bad because it reduces the success of the tourism sector in Uganda by discouraging tourists to come and safari Uganda.

Tourists on Uganda safaris are therefore advised by the police to take caution while in public places where they go to safari and have fun. These include the beaches, sports grounds, market areas, clubs and different places. This is so because terrorists take advantages of these places where there are many people and attack them where tourists on Uganda safari can also fall a captive.

 Fortunately so as to increase more safaris to Uganda the Uganda police has promised to always assist escort tourists to different safari places during their safaris in Uganda. This will therefore provide enough security to them so as to have more Uganda safaris hence boosting the economy of Uganda and making Uganda a tourism destination. 

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