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The 2015 Uganda ’s world tourism day to be hosted in lira

GiraffesThe destination Uganda is among the prime locations in the world that travelers have found ideal to explore their lifetime adventures and as a result a range of Uganda safaris have been undertaken to fulfill this desire.
As the world set out to celebrate the tourism day, Uganda has also positioned herself to jubilate the day that represents one of the major sectors nourishing her economy. The tourism day in Uganda for the year 2015 is set to be hosted in Lira in the north of Uganda which is one of sub regional Uganda safari destinations.
To mark the beginning of the event, the tourism sector and government officials have already commenced their journeys to the to the town of Lira in the north of Uganda in the process of preparing for the World Tourism Day event that will take place over the weekend.
The festivity that will run for the whole week commenced on Monday with the outreach activities to local schools. The Uganda Tourism Board Officials are visiting the local schools to invigorate the wildlife and tourism clubs in the district of Lira which intends to build the spirit of tourism and conservation to the young generation that will in turn ensure sustainable tourism development and the continuity of safaris in Uganda.
Considering the fact that the tourism clusters have been formed in the areas of Buganda, Busoga, Rwenzori, Ankole and Kigezi, it is now high time for the sub region of Lango to bring out their history, culture, lifestyle along with other tourist attractions for the world to appreciate its tourism potential.
The Uganda tour to Murchison Falls National Park has been organized by the Uganda Wildlife Authority at a very subsidized price where the people would be picked from the town of Lira at 65,000/= and transferred to Murchison, spend a night with meals and accommodation along with a game drive and the Nile launch cruise. This impressive offer is ending today and has been running for a week long connecting Lira and Murchison which are 150km apart.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center is estimated to take 200 species of wildlife to Lira with intention of showcasing to people the range of animals that thrive in various parts of Uganda on top of enabling the locals and the region at large to demonstrate their culture. A cultural gala has been organized at Lira Hotel tomorrow Saturday by the Uganda Tourism Board in conjunction with the private sector. The people will enjoy a range of cultural performances and then the contemporary artistes thereafter.
Lango is noted to be a great place with great history, beauty and location and the hosting of the world tourism day in Lira is a perfect move to demonstrate a range of tourism and investment opportunities in the district of Lira and Lango region at large. A range of people from other tourism clusters of Uganda and beyond are expected to be in attendance.

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