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The 2015 zone vi golf championships to be hosted in Uganda – Uganda safari news

Uganda gifted by nature as one her marketing slogans run has got a lot of natural beauty including the remarkable landscapes that is increasingly becoming a darling for golfers prompting them to undertake safaris to Uganda.
The 2015 Africa Zone VI Golf Championship which is scheduled to run from April 14th – 18th 2015 will be hosted at the par 72 Uganda Golf Club in the calm Kitante suburb of Kampala. The event is expected to attract 120 international golfers from 12 countries including Uganda which will be hosting the event. Countries like Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia with about 100 golfers have already confirmed their golfing safari to Uganda for the regional grand tournament.
The U T B the public body that is responsible for marketing Uganda as a great a destination to attract travelers to undertake safaris in Uganda is proud to be one of the main sponsors of the event. The other partners in funding of the event include Sheraton Kampala Hotel which will provide accommodation for the golfers and others like Uganda Breweries, AAR, NTV and R&A will be contributing in their respective capacities.
U T B will publish a report featuring Uganda safari sites and positioning the image of Uganda as a good destination which will be distributed during the tournament in the Golf Magazine.
The tourism and golfing are considered as closely related and golf can thus be promoted as a tourism activity which can be encountered by travelers in Uganda safaris and tours. It has been realized that golfers are considerable spenders with an influential character and their game has got an impact on the surrounding community. The game supports leisure and hospitality an entertainment which in turn creates jobs and promotes the image of the country which can be replicated here in Uganda.
The favorable all weather for Uganda is good for the golf. The country boasts of 18 golf courses which are positioned close to Uganda safari destinations like National Parks and other scenic spots. The U T B is apparently working with the private sector in the process of marketing Uganda as a golfing destination. The board is looking at the possibility of working with a range of airlines to schedule flights and also offer charter provision to Uganda to be enhanced, the accommodation units to offer discounted rates while the tour operators like Prime  Safaris and Wild gorilla safaris to deign impressive special weekend packages for the golfers while the U GU to arrange more tournaments in the country. This would definitely increase the room occupancy on weekends, gift shops increasingly getting clients, tourism related entities gaining including forex bureaus, transporters, banking an insurance companies not forgetting entertainment spots thus generating increased revenue to the country. The multiplier of this initiative would then spill to other regions of the country as they host tournaments in their respective golf courses. The coming of the celebrity golfers would in return uplift the country’s image though their posts and social media coverage which would increase safaris to Uganda.
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