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The 5th Karamoja cultural Festival 2018

The only lens through history in the 21st Century.

The 5th Karamoja cultural festival is here. This is the biggest Eastern connect cultural festival organized annually to celebrate and appreciate the Karamojong and related cultures. The big festival is hosted by the Ateker group which comprise of the Karamojong (Uganda), Turkana (Kenya), Toposa (South Sudan) and Nyangatom (Ethiopia). This is one of the biggest cultural integration events of tribes with a historical connection. Kaabong district is host to the event. Kaabong is close Kidepo Valley National Park in North Eastern Uganda which has of recent been ranked again as the best Uganda safari park destination by CNN.

This year the event is themed “With unity and peace, we cherish our culture for the development of Karamoja” – “EMORIKINOS EKINYOMA EYOKOTAL TOPLOO KARIMOJONG” running from 28th August to 1st September.

In accordance with the theme, the Karamoja dialogue topic is Peace, Unity & Natural Resources

The event is organized by Karamoja Cultural Association 2018 Kaabong Chapter in collaboration with Karamoja Cultural Association and Kaabong District Local Government.

5th Karamoja cultural festival
Image from last years festival

Why the 5th Karamoja cultural Festival is a must attend!

The event is expected to attract delegates from different East African pastoralist communities: Karamojong, Teso, Langi (Uganda), Turkana, Samburus (Kenya), Nyangatom, Borana (Ethiopia), Masai (Kenya, Tanzania) and Toposa (South Sudan). This means diversity from a cross borders will unfold in just one place.
The event is hosted in one of the most diverse regions of the world-Kaabong district. Many tourist’s safari Uganda and attest to the unrivaled beauty in Kidepo valley national park. If you have a safari within the park and wish to experience the true culture praised in this region then you had the right timing, just attend this festival and you will have a full package.

There will be an experience of a night with the warriors, a daily traditional African life in the village, cultural performances and a lot of entertainment from local entertainers. The experience can be extended to a Uganda wildlife safari for wildlife viewing in the top ranked national park.

This is more than history but rather a historical experience never to be missed. You’re not yet late make your way to the 5th Karamoja cultural festival and live to tell the stories of legends.




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