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The Acholi Cultural Dances-Uganda safari News

Acholi cultural danceThe Acholi people are found in Northern Uganda. They have very many cultural dances. These include the following.

The Larakaraka is the most famous dance of the Acholi people that travelers witness its excitement as they come for Uganda visits. It is performed during weddings. As lovers are set for their marriage, they prepare big ceremony for potential lovers. They serve them with food and Alcohol and during this ceremony there is a lot of competitions since the best dancers are the only ones who get partners.

They have the Bwola dance. This is performed in the King’s palace and is known as a court dance. It is in form of a circle and is mainly done by old men and women. This circle is taken as the surrounding fence of the palace and the circle lasts for hours as they are discussing many issues. This dance is so interesting hence promoting more safari visits to Uganda.

They have the Ding Ding dance which is mostly performed on a bright day. This is where young girls dance to attract the young boys as the girls imitate the sweet birds. This is also attractive to the tourists who come for tour visits in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector as the number of Uganda safaris increases.

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