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The amabere caves and the fort portal crater lake field; a new addition to the tourist product market – Uganda safari news

Positioned in the area of Fort Portal in the west of Uganda, the Amabere Caves and Fort Portal Crater Lake field has come up as the new additions to the Uganda safari products that can be encountered in the area.
The Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves are ancient breast-like features that have got a lot of both cultural and geographical attachment depending on which angle one wants to view them from. Traditionally, as their name suggests, the Amabere g’ Nyinamwiru caves literally translated as the breasts of Nnyinamwiru are noted to have been breasts of the legendary daughter of the self-enthroned King of the Bachwezi named Bukuku who assumed the throne after the disappearance of Ishaza to the underground world while following the beautiful cows that were sent as traps by Nyamiyonga – the King of Underground. Bukuku who was initially a gate keeper and who was left as the care taker of the palace at the departure of Ishaza took over because Ishaza had delayed much and because he knew that he was not from the Royal lineage and thus not supposed to rule, he was very suspicious knowing that anytime he would be overthrown.
The fortune tellers foretold him that he would be overthrown by his own grand child who will be produced by his own daughter Nyinamwiru. And a result, he was bitter with his daughter and opted to remove one eye such that men would not get attracted to her. As if this was not enough, he built a strong enclosure whose only entrance was through the house of Bukuku meaning that no one would pass through his house to enter into the enclosure where Nnyinamwiru was put. However, despite all these efforts, the son of Ishaza named Isimbwa returned from the foreign land where his father had disappeared from and fell in love and thus settled there to abandon his Kingship. Isimbwa came tracing his father’s Kingship and eventually reached at the palace. He was notified of the Bukuku daughter and together with his aide; they built a long ladder which they used to climbing over the enclosure of Nnyinamwiru. He eventually got into the enclosure, slept with Nyinamwiru for some days and left her pregnant. Nnyinamwiru gave birth to a son named Ndahura but her father vowed never to allow the child to survive. After few months to allow the child develop milk teeth as it was abominable to kill a child who has not yet developed teeth, he was put on the banks of the nearby stream to roll himself into it but fortunately the child was rescued by the local porter called Rubimbwa and took care of him until he grew old and speared his grandfather Bukuku to death and eventually regaining his ancestral drum. Ndahura build a great Chwezi empire that covered great parts of the Great lake Africa whose archeological remains can be viewed up to today on Uganda safaris and tours. The discovery of these breast-like features with milky substance dripping from them was accepted by the locals as the breasts of Nnyinamwiru with milk dripping out of them since she had not breastfed her baby. This is a rich traditional history that you would with to hear by adding the Amabere caves to you list of what to encounter while planning safaris to Uganda.
On a geographical perspective, Amabere g’ Nyinmawiru are natural features of stalagmites and stalactites with calcium carbonate dripping on the ground to form the breast like pillars which the locals consider to be breasts.
Besides the caves, there is famous Fort Portal Crater Lake field which has a range of crater hollows some of which are filled with water to form the crater lakes. The lakes of Bikere, Saaka and Kigere form a surrounding chain of remarkable scenery. It is very amazing when one summits the Kyeganywa hill which presents all round views of the area with a panoramic impression of the lakes and the empty hollows in the area not forgetting the legendary mountains of the moon at a close distance on a clear day. This makes encountering this site while on safaris in Uganda rewarding.
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