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The amuka safari lodge in ziwa rhino sanctuary

amuka lodgeThe Amuka Safari Lodge positioned in the pristine savannah woodlands of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary present an ideal wilderness stay for travelers on safaris in Uganda. The Amuka Lodge presents a natural sharing moment with the southern while Rhinoceros in the typical wilderness of destination Uganda filled with other fauna and birds.
The Amuka Safari Lodge presents cozy accommodation that may not be expected in the wilderness of Africa especially for the first time travelers on a  safari in Uganda who presume that it is only bush. Featuring unfenced chalets, the Amuka Safari Lodge allows the guests to have a secluded feel of the wilderness with no man made barriers.
Following the re-introduction of white Rhinos in the year 2005, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary grew in popularity to become a famous Uganda safari destination and thus there was a need to have an accommodation establishment that would cater for overnight visitors. Additionally, there was a need to devise the means of increasing the financial sustainability of the sanctuary and with this background the Rhino Fund Uganda called upon the Genade Family to set up a lodge.
The Genade family worked out the startup capital along with construction costs that saw Amuka lodge emerge. Apparently, the lodge provides 10 percent of its earnings to the Rhino Fund Uganda to assist in the operations of Rhino Conservation. At times the guests at the Lodge opt to leave donations at the lodge where 100% of this money goes to Rhino Conservation Initiative. The ground breaking for the lodge occurred on September 8th 2010 and the catchwords of authenticity, naturalness and privacy were main emphasis. This enabled the lodge to match with the environment and ensure the comfort of the guests among which include the travelers on Uganda safaris. The materials include timber, canvas and natural stone.
The Amuka Lodge features the main lodge that contains the well laid restaurant, well-stocked bar along with a sun deck that are handcrafted using the mahogany beams and the planks of time r that were abandoned at a saw mill in Budongo about thirty (30) years ago.
Apparently, Amuka Safari Lodge features eight (8) units of which two (2) chalets feature two (2) bed rooms that are ideal for family stay. The four (4) chalets are deluxe and each chalet features one bed room, a bathroom and the dressing room. The two (2) units feature three (3) distinct bedrooms where each room has its own verandah along with a private bathroom. Every chalet is named after the Rhino in various languages of Uganda. All chalets feature expanse private verandas and self-contained interior.
Amuka Lodge uses solar power to keep environmentally conscious and this is used to heat water and lighting. The food waste at the lodge is recycled. This is a typical Eco-friendly environment that you can opt to sleep in while planning safari to Uganda.

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