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The anti-Gay bill to impact on Tourism in Uganda-Uganda safari News

elephantThe Anti-Gay bill which was signed by the president of Uganda is to affect the tourism sector since the foreign tourists who come to Uganda are to be discriminated as some of them are gay people and according to the law of Uganda, they are supposed to be arrested in order to be kept away from the public, this will also lead to the poor performance of the tourism sector since it will reduce the number of safaris to Uganda.

The tourism sector in Uganda is to be affected since the many international tourists who have been coming to Uganda for safaris will cut them off and instead visit other countries which have similar tourism products like Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Uganda will also continue to lose financial support from many international organizations including the World Bank due to the anti-gay bill which was signed in the country.

The tourists who visit Uganda should not engage in gay activities since the law will be free to lock them up at any cost. The government of Uganda has put in place many authorities to detect any tourists who are practicing any gay acts in the public to be caught and put in prison; however this will affect the numbers of tourists who have been frequenting Uganda for safari tours.

The sector is bound to lose a lot of revenues from the tourists since their numbers are going to reduce, this will lead to the under development of the tourism industry in the country, however,Uganda should look at this as a good practice of eliminating homosexuality from our community since it’s against Christianity and human nature. This is therefore a warning to all the people planning to visit Uganda, not to engage in any homosexuality acts to avoid being locked up.

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