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The Art& Craft Attracting Tourists to Uganda -Uganda safari News

CulturalThe local people have decided to make local crafts that can attract tourists to come and visit Uganda. These include the Artists who have designed art things through local materials. This is so unique and very new on the eyes of the tourists which make them happy while on their Uganda safaris.The Artists have decided to make art designs from polythene bags, dropped mineral water bottles, beer bottles, and soda bottles, fabrics of tailors, sticks and sort of dumped rubbish. These are creative things that they make and therefore attract many tourists to come for Uganda visits with many questions of who these are made hence boosting the tourism sector.This is something which needs creativity and therefore just easy to do. Tourists sometimes try it out so as to see how it is. This makes them so happy on their Uganda safaris since they admire as they try creating something. The tourists also buy the items which earn revenue to the government and also earn a living to the artists hence giving them courage to create more and attract more tours to Uganda.

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