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The aviation industry in Rwanda to develop the tourism industry- Rwanda safaris & Tours

vistajet2The aviation industry in Rwanda has greatly helped in promoting the tourism industry in Rwanda, since it has helped in the movement of the tourists from one destination to another. The aviation industry has well positioned its self using the east African community intergration, which has helped in increasing safaris to Rwanda.

Rwanda has completely promoted the aviation industry since its helps in supporting the tourism industry in the country; this is because tourists are transferred from one country to another which makes the work of the tourism sector easier and simple. This has helped in increasing the tourist numbers to Rwanda hence improving Rwanda safaris.

The government of Rwanda has come up to with many ways which have tried to improve the aviation industry. This is mainly through investing in the aviation industry which has brought about the formation of Rwanda Air hence helping the movement of people from one destination to another, hence helping in the improvement of safaris in Rwanda.

The government has put in place policies which have helped in increasing more air traffic which has helped in improving the growth of the aviation sector. This has helped the improvement of the tourism sector in Rwanda, which at the same time increased the number of safari visits to Rwanda.

The growth of the aviation industry has increased the number of passengers who pass through Kigali International Airport, and this is expected to increase in the later date. The airport has managed to attract more international airlines which include; KLM, Brussels, Qatar Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kenya airways and many others. This has greatly helped in improving safaris to Rwanda.

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