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The Baganda Bakisimba Traditional Dance – Uganda safaris News

baganda dancesThe bakisimba is a traditional dance for the Baganda which is also enjoyed by the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. It originated from the former Kabaka (King’s) senerial which occurred on a party.  The King on the party drunk local beer Known as Tonto derived from the luganda word called tontomera. This is made from the local banana plants. In Buganda the Kabaka is not said to be drunk but we say he is Happy. So the king was happy and he said ‘Abakisimba bebakiwoomya’ which meant those who planted the Banana s made it sweet. The musicians made a song out of it and used their instruments to make the rhythm interesting. The happy king started to dance as the dancers also imitated him. This became a traditional dance for Buganda generations even at this time it is performed. Many travelers enjoy this dance as they reach the culture centers hence promoting more tours to Uganda.

The Bakisimba dance is now considered as one of the most common traditional baganda dance that is performed on several occasions. They use instruments such as gourd rattles (Nseege), trumpets of cow horns (engoombe), Ngalabi and different drums such as Mpuunyi, Nankasa and Mbuutu. These are crafted instruments which at times travelers get to know how they are crafted as they come for safari visits in Uganda. The dance is performed by both men and women who make the dance more interesting to the tourists who watch this on their tour safaris in Uganda.The dancers put on animal skins around their waists and ankle bells. This is so because the dance requires waist movement and foot work so the above help them to dance better. The fast part of the dance is slow while the second part is fast and is to the maximum. It is known as Muwogola. This is so interesting that it makes travelers so excited while on their safaris tours in Uganda. There is the Nankasa dance that is also danced after Muwogola or before Bakisimba. This are all interesting things enjoyed on a visit to Uganda.

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