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The bagisu cultural leader elected – Uganda safari news

The Bagisu tribe is among the verdant tribes of Uganda that have formed a rich ground for cultural safaris in Uganda. The country is gifted by about 65 tribes and these people have various traditions, practices and customs which they have developed for centuries past.
The Bagisu live in the east of Uganda and are at times referred to as the Bamasaba who have great cultural attachment to the Elgon which they consider to be an embodiment of their founding father Masaba and the Mountain is also referred by this name. The Bagisu have got impressive traditions some of which are considered among the brave traditions on the African society. The Imbalu or Circumcision which they carry out using local knives on fresh body without any kind of sterilization is by no means ordinary. People from different corners of the world have been prompted to take safaris to Uganda to encounter this great event.
It is therefore interesting to hear that such tribe is eventually getting a cultural leader who would keep their great heritage together. In an election that was held at Inzu Hall in Malukhu in the district of Mbale by the Inzu Ya Masaba made Mr. Mushikori to win Mr. Charles Walimbwa Peke by a count of two votes. The winner is the apparent minister of the diaspora while the loser is the apparent is the LC5 of Manafwa. The other contestants included Mr. Kiboma Gimui and Mr. Mafabi Gregory.
The incoming is taking over from Mr. Wamimbi following the end of her five (5) year tenure as the Umukuka or the cultural head of the Bagisu. The incoming called for unity among the Bagisu including those that had lost in the election. The aim should focus on tourism that is attracting Uganda safari undertakers to the region, education, Bagisu heritage and health.
The Bagisu cut across the borders stretching to the western Kenyan landscapes of Bungoma. The area which they inhabit is gifted by impressive physical features including mountains like Elgon, water falls like Sipi and hills like Wanale among others that have always impressed traveler on safaris in Uganda.
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