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cultural safaris in ugandaSafaris to Uganda offer you the opportunity to engage in Uganda diverse culture. Uganda’s culture comprises of various ethnic groups that is the Bantu speaking group who are base in the western, central, and southern side of the country and the Nilotic group who lives in the northern, eastern and northwestern part of Uganda.Uganda safaris also offer you a tour to the Bantu community. The Bantu speaking group has the largest population in the country and comprises of the Basoga, Bagisu, Baganda, Bunyoro, Banyankole, and the Batoro with Baganda as the largest ethnic group in the country. Their major economic activity is cultivation and some are Pastoralist. Taking a safari through their community will surprise you with some differences in cultural beliefs within themselves.

 In spite of them being in the same ethnic group, they are also divided into tribes having different leaders and known with different names. Example the Baganda ruled by Kabaka, Bunyoro ruled by Omukama.  This is the ethnic group were traditional rulers are still given that traditional respect and rights today by their people.

Safari visit to the north offers you opportunity to engage yourself with The Nilotic speaking group comprises of, the Acholi, Lango, Iteso, Karamojong, Alur and the KaKwa with the Itseo as the second largest ethnic group. They mostly depend on farming and animal rearing to supplement.

Uganda also has a small group of the Batwa community who lives in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. The Batwa are the threatened species of human being in Uganda.  Safari visit to the batwa pygmies’ community offers you exciting cultural trails known as the Batwa trials where you will be told about the Batwa ways of living.

In terms of religion, Uganda offers safari tours to the different religion site within the destination. Before the missionaries came into Uganda, different cultures were worshipping their gods in their shrines. The gods were called with different names and also having different responsibilities like god of the rain, god of the forest, god of the water, god of the cave among other.

After the missionary activities in Uganda, the traditional religion was left by very many people to embrace the new religions. This was evident when the Kabaka of Buganda ordered the burning of the young men who refused to denounce their faith in God. Uganda is a country that offers you the freedom of worship the country comprises of various religions like Islam, catholic, Anglican, Hindu, Baha’i faith among others with the Christians as the majority.  A visit to Uganda offers you an opportunity to engage your self with the different religious beliefs and also to see their beautiful architectures. And to visit the Numgongo shrine were the first Uganda martyrs were killed.

Uganda’s Traditional food is ‘matooke’. Most of the tribes in Uganda enjoy the stable food. Visit to Uganda provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the different traditional food from the different tribes in Uganda.Uganda has about 40 languages spoken by different tribes. However the most spoken Languages are Swahili, Luganda and English. English is the official language of Uganda which unites all the tribes within the country and their national dress is Kanzu for men and Gomesi for women. Safari to Uganda will offer you one of the memorable moments that you do not want to miss.

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